Around the Globe

  • an Alexa Skill
  • trivia game in NodeJS + AWS Lambda
  • supports 150+ countries and 5000+ cities
  • questions based on history, geography, famous people

SAPIENS Programming Language

  • written as part of a team
  • powered by Haskell
  • supports conditional statements, loops, 1d arrays, 2d arrays, basic I/O functionality, comments and exceptions
  • the syntax looks simmilar to the C-style family
  • keywords are in latin and the language encapsulates more symbols than words


recito c; \\ Declare a variable "c" //
variabilis sum=c; \\ Initialise "sum" with the value of "c" //

donec (inane c) audo \\ while "c" is not null //
    impriMP sum; \\ print the value of "sum" //
    recito c; \\ assign the next int value from the command line to "c" //
    sum=+=c; \\ increase the value of "sum" by "c" //
cadoDon \\ end while //

Ad Dashboard

  • friendly dashboard for visualising data (with support for users with disabilities such as color blindness and dyslexia)
  • written as part of a team
  • under the hood: Java and JavaFX
  • during development we made use of Travis CI and Maven

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